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'Why is it that we can manage our finances on our smartphones, but still use pen and paper on a clipboard to share medical information?'

Our Founding Story

Our founder, Dr. Sophie Chung, is a medical doctor and former stem cell researcher. After experiencing the shortcomings of the healthcare system, she went on to work in management consulting and at a digital health company in the US.

Her experiences led her to observe the various problems that patients and healthcare providers face every day. Dr. Chung realised that healthcare needed to be refocused on a patient-centred approach. The goal was clear: happy patients, happy doctors.

So in 2016, Dr. Chung founded Qunomedical to help patients find the right doctor. During this time, she realised that there were many shortcomings on the healthcare provider side: While patient expectations were rapidly changing, they desperately needed help creating amazing patient experiences to ensure sustainable growth.

In early 2021, Dr. Chung launched Qunosuite, a software-as-a-service product for doctors and clinics to help them run their businesses efficiently.

Better Patient Management and Modern Administrative Processes

Whether it’s growing competition, outdated administrative processes or lacking staff; today’s healthcare providers face many challenges. This makes it all the more important for them to implement the right methods and frameworks that are geared towards success.

This is exactly where Qunosuite comes in: we’ve designed our digital platform especially for healthcare professionals to improve their interactions with their patients, build closer relationships with them, and increase growth and efficiency of their medical facility.

An Overview of Our Software’s Advantages

With Qunosuite you can:

  • Take your patients through customised processes that promote the growth of your healthcare facility.

  • Adjust your online presence to attract more patients.

  • Benefit from a customised marketing strategy with streamlined campaigns and effective review management.

  • Use instant messaging, email automation and a comprehensive telephone solution to cut down on time constraints and administrative burdens.

  • Promote life-long loyalty from your patients.

  • Digitalise administrative processes like document transferring, appointment scheduling and checking patient data.

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Qunosuite for Your Healthcare Facility

We have tailored Qunosuite’s features based on the requirements of healthcare providers as well as feedback from our clients. Our software solution therefore covers every touchpoint of the patient journey, whilst also making your administrative tasks easier.

Qunosuite also allows you to communicate with patients across multiple channels and use their data to personalise the way you speak to them.

Aside from our software, we also offer performance marketing and patient management services. That way we can optimise your reach and patient relationship management.

Get to Know Qunosuite

Dr. Sophie Chung

CEO and co-founder of Qunomedical

dmitry kirillov

Dmitry Kirillov

Director of Product

Our Medical Board

We pride ourselves on always putting the patient experience first. Our medical advisory board supports us in this with its professional expertise:

PROF. DR. MED. RÜDIGER HEICAPPELL Medical Director, Qunomedical

DR. MED. KLAUS UEBERREITER Head Physician & Managing Director, Special Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery - Park-Klinik Birkenwerder, Berlin, Germany

JENNY BRAUN Dentist, MVZ Meindentist, Berlin, Germany