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Qunosuite helps healthcare providers meet the challenges of patient acquisition, conversion and retention in the modern day. Our easy yet extensive software solution grants clinics the benefits of a fully mapped-out patient journey, a total overview of all marketing efforts and processes optimised to full efficiency.

Medical tourism relies on building strong relationships with each patient and solidifying these with methodical management. Qunosuite’s software deploys a system of patient relationship management (PRM), which takes patient care out of the confines of the on-site experience and spreads it to every point of interaction. PRM significantly reinforces your standing as a healthcare provider, raising your standards of care above the rest. It’s essential for growing an international patient base; here’s why:

Optimised Patient-acquisition Measures

The main quality of PRM is the immediate, intimate conversations you can have with patients. From initial contact, you’re funnelling them along an engaging journey around which all your processes are structured. This is the best way towards higher conversion rates, since you pivot medical tourists away from your competition right from the start.

Transparency and Clear Communication

PRM provides a clear communication platform, ensuring that accurate and honest information is always delivered to patients. This strong and centralised line of communication enriches patients’ confidence in your credibility as a medical practice.

Accessible End-to-end Care Support

By systematically mapping out the patient journey, PRM shows you the most important touch points where patients’ expectations must be met. This organised approach gives you a full-length view of where the patient needs to be led next, with a focus on forging faster trust and better satisfaction.

Competitive Advantage

In a competitive medical tourism landscape, adopting PRM sets you apart from the crowd by defining your outreach and interaction with efficient, compassionate support. You know how to resonate with patients before other clinics do, showing that your healthcare truly orientates around their well-being. This ultimately results in better conversion rates and more revenue.

Managing Existing Patient Relationships

PRM gives you a centralised overview to track patient statuses along their individual journeys, with all prompts and responses on hand to take them to their next steps. That way you can keep up constant engagement with all your international patients, managing each with the personalisation that is essential for a great experience.

Benefits of PRM in Medical Tourism:

  • Better Patient Relationships: PRM allows you to understand your patients better, quickly fostering deeper trust.

  • Mapping Out the Patient’s Journey: Patients in medical tourism need to be engaged every step of the way, and PRM enables you to analyse and manage the support you provide from their perspective.

  • Improved Efficiency: A PRM system gives the whole team a summary of every patient interaction, so the current point of contact knows exactly what to do next.

  • Broader Capacity for Promotion: As trust is built through the initial process, PRM makes it easier to present additional offers or bonuses you may have, with all the right touch-points lined up to do so.

  • Increased Team Collaboration: Implementing PRM across the team fosters better collaboration and more effective service, which ultimately contributes to better treatment outcomes and satisfaction.

  • Greater Staff Satisfaction: An accurate and up-to-date PRM system empowers employees with the means to deliver a better service, leading to the fulfilment of staff as well as patients.

  • Increased Revenue and Profitability: By laying out the full patient journey with relevant prompts, personalised communication and even automation at the ready, PRM enhances productivity and shortens certain administrative cycles, which boosts a clinic’s revenue.

  • Cost Savings: Implementing PRM software is a worthwhile investment. The long-term benefits include streamlined scheduling, effective issue resolution, and centralised data management, surpassing these costs as an ongoing burden on a clinic.

  • Less Client Attrition: Patient retention is considerably promoted by PRM, because it improves the overall experience and responds to patients’ needs and expectations long before they even arrive at your clinic.

With a PRM solution like Qunosuite, your patient relationships are nurtured to the optimum, by streamlining your own processes and enhancing efficiency – you’re ultimately enjoying success in the competitive field of medical tourism. It's an indispensable framework for building trust and ensuring patients receive the best care and support throughout their medical journeys.

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Qunosuite features to strengthen patient relationships

Lead Capture

Lead capture

Convert visitors, you attract quickly to leads with best practice landing pages and forms. Show your potential patients you understand their needs by offering relevant content.

Automatic quoting

Automated Quotes & Payments

Deliver fast and accurate quotes based on standardized services, winning over patients with efficiency and transparency.

Contact & Doc Management

Centralized Patient Record Management

Improved Patient Care:  All patient data is stored in one place, providing a single source of truth across all clinic locations. By having access to a patient's complete medical history across all clinic locations, doctors and nurses can make more informed treatment decisions, resulting in better patient care.

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