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Entrepreneurship as a Medical Professional - a Success Story

In this episode of the Doctolib podcast, our founder Dr. Sophie Chung talks about her journey to entrepreneurship as a medical professional. She also shares useful practical tips for doctors who want to start their own business.

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Speak like a CEO

'People Want True Leadership!'

In this episode of the Speak like a CEO podcast, our founder Dr. Sophie Chung and presenter Oliver Aust discuss why the phrase 'no bullshit' is especially important in difficult times. They also explain what real corporate management should look like.

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15 Multi-million Euro Investments that Everyone Should Have Heard about

This article from the online outlet Deutsche Startups reports on the 10-million euro investment by Bertelsmann Investments, DvH Ventures and the existing investors in Qunomedical.

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Qunosuite - the new CRM for Patient Relations?

In this episode of the ARRtist on Air podcast, our founder Dr. Sophie Chung talks about her career up to the founding of her own company, the development of our B2B platform through customer requests and what ambitions she has for the future of Qunomedical.

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How a Doctor Uses Algorithms to Navigate the Healthcare System

Taking both the realised and upcoming ambitions of our founder Dr. Sophie Chung, Tagesspiegel's Hannes Heine sheds light on Dr. Chung's aim to digitalise the German healthcare system to help overburdened patients make it through the maze of medical facilities.

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A Doctor with a Mission

This article by Frankfurter Allgemeine correspondent Michaela Seiser expands on the opportunities that our founder Dr. Sophie Chung sees in the digitalisation of hospital management and what this means for improved patient care.

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Industrie Mediziner Interview: Dr. Chung on Her Shift from Physician to Businesswoman

How can business understanding benefit a medical provider? In this intimate interview, Dr. Sophie Chung elaborates on why she founded Qunomedical. Discover how the company is actively bettering the healthcare sector with added humanity for patients and improved efficiency for clinics.

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Dr. Chung Speaks at the 2023 Healthcare Industry Congress

As part of a panel at the 2023 Healthcare Industry Congress is Hamburg, Dr. Sophie Chung shared her observations on the politics of healthcare. As the creator of Qunosuite, the software product revolutionising the way clinics interact with their patients, she brought the need for digitalisation and business faculty to the discussion, amongst other observations on the constraints and potential that healthcare faces today.

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No One Trick Pony

Berlin-based Qunomedical is revolutionising healthcare with Qunosuite. The B2B solution combines automation with human touch, optimising interactions and reducing administrative load on medical facilities. In this interview with Forbes, Founder Sophie Chung challenges conventional healthcare perspectives, advocating for a balanced approach that benefits both patients and institutions.

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Better Patient Journey as a Model for Success

Dr. Sophie Chung, CEO and Founder of Qunomedical, has transformed the healthcare landscape. Initially helping patients find the right doctors, Qunomedical now offers a CRM tool for clinics, improving the patient journey and hospital efficiency. In this podcast, she discusses Qunomedical's foundation and her mission to create a transparent and compassionate healthcare system.

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#78 with Dr. Sophie Chung, CEO and Founder Qunomedical

In this podcast episode, Dr. Chung shares her story of why she started Qunomedical, a healthcare startup that connects patients with doctors and hospitals in Europe. She also discusses the challenges she has faced along the way and her vision for the future of healthcare.

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100 most Important Heads of the Berlin Economy

Dr. Sophie Chung is on the top 100 list of the most important figures in Berlin's economy. Find out why in this Tagesspiegel article.

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Better Patient Journey as a Model for Success

Qunomedical's software helps clinics with raise their standards of care through efficient patient relationship management. Our founder, Sophie Chung, talks to Melanie Krawina from McKinsey about the male-dominated investor scene and what the long road to true equal opportunities looks like.

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More Technology, More Humanity

The German healthcare system faces challenges due to an ageing population and overstretched nursing staff. Our founder, Dr. Sophie Chung, discusses how technology – particularly software solutions – offers relief by increasing efficiency, improving patient care and reducing the caregiver's workload. Investing in technology can bring the element of humanity back into healthcare and properly address demographic changes.

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Founders Forum Group

25 HealthTech Startups to Watch

Qunomedical, the innovative health tech startup, has been recognized as one of the top 25 HealthTech startups to watch. The article highlights the growing investment and exciting developments in the healthcare industry, with a particular focus on the use of AI, machine learning, and cutting-edge technology to enhance accessibility, affordability, and efficiency in healthcare.

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