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Streamline Operations Across Multiple Clinic Locations with Our Patient Management Software

Streamline operations across multiple clinic locations, improve patient care, and enhance business outcomes.

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Qunosuite helps healthcare providers meet the modern-day challenges in management and patient care, which can be particularly daunting when managing multiple locations. With a fully mapped-out patient journey, and a total overview of all your marketing efforts and processes optimised to full efficiency, our extensive software solution ensures that your operations thrive across every one of your clinics.

Enhance the Patient Experience

Qunosuite centralises patient communication, giving patients a standardised experience no matter which location they visit. All data is stored in one place, providing a unified overview of all your clinic locations as well as access to patients’ full medical histories, allowing doctors to give informed and personalised care. This streamlined approach also results in reduced waiting times. Additionally, keeping all your patient records within a single source provides a clear picture of where your clinics can improve to bring them to an equal level of consistency.

Manage Different Patient Groups and Provide Aftercare for All

Qunosuite facilitates inbound and outbound communications across a range of channels, making it easier for your clinic to stay connected with patients and ensure continued care even after they’re discharged. A centralised dashboard of all your conversations – with the help of automation – brings all your clinics to the same standard, with none lagging behind in its ability to communicate. Our precise appointment management also applies efficient timetable management to all your clinics. With automatic calendar syncing and the ability for each doctor to have their own scheduling preferences, you can easily tailor your services to meet the needs of your diverse patient base.

Guide Your Strategic Marketing Investments

By tracking leads and identifying the channels through which prospective patients come to your practice (such as Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, SEO/organic search, patient referrals, etc.), you gain valuable insights into where to allocate your marketing investments. This data-driven approach optimises your efforts for the best results and is part of the overview that integrates data from all your clinics.

Maximise Patient Retention and Identify Issues Quickly

Determine your clinic’s retention rate by tracking the number of new leads and inquiries that convert into booked consultations or repeat appointments. This data is invaluable for fine-tuning each of your clinic’s budgeting and practice protocols. Additionally, Qunosuite’s patient relationship management can easily identify lost sales and missed appointments, enabling you to pinpoint areas of improvement. The system also helps track referral patients to resume interrupted care seamlessly.

Enhance All Your Clinics and Go Forward as One with Qunosuite

Don’t let multi-clinic management detract from your potential to achieve new levels of success. Streamline your operations and improve your patient care with data-driven decisions and absolute clarity in management instead, with Qunosuite’s all-in-one solution.

Key Features for Multi Location Management

Lead Capture

Lead capture

Convert visitors, you attract quickly to leads with best practice landing pages and forms. Show your potential patients you understand their needs by offering relevant content.

Contact & Doc Management

Centralized Patient Record Management

Improved Patient Care:  All patient data is stored in one place, providing a single source of truth across all clinic locations. By having access to a patient's complete medical history across all clinic locations, doctors and nurses can make more informed treatment decisions, resulting in better patient care.


Analytics & Dashboards

Manage your patient acquisition cost-efficiently with full transparency about the success or failure of your marketing channels. In Qunosuite, you get a daily overview of the performance.

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Enhance patient engagement with Qunosuite

Discover how our comprehensive suite of features can help you build lasting relationships with your patients and improve their overall experience.

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