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We have been working on the ideal Patient Journey for healthcare providers for years. In our white papers, guides and blog posts you will find valuable advice and inspiration on how to optimise your own processes.

Using Performance Marketing in Healthcare

Learn how performance marketing tactics can help your patient acquisition

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Tips on Healthcare Business Ideas

Why a Business Strategy Is Important for Your Medical Organisation – and Why It Often Fails

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Optimum Support through Patient Relationship Management

How a healthcare provider was able to increase its revenue through a 70% higher follow-up rate

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Getting to Know the 2024 Medical Trends

The Top 5 Key Areas for a Better Healthcare System in 2024

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Qunosuite's Hospital Future Act Patient Portal

The Hospital Future Act: the Key Role of a Patient Portal for Your Healthcare Organisation

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Q1 Planning

Planning Your First Quarter: Tips for Success at the Start of the Year

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More digitalisation for the German Healthcare System

The Hospital Future Act - your boost for digitalisation

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Email Automations

Transforming Healthcare Communication: The Power of Email Automation

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Dr Sophie Chung

Digitalisation in Medicine: the Vision of Dr Sophie Chung

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Tecnology and Health

Enhancing collaboration and efficiency: Qunosuite for clinics with collaborative doctors

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Enhancing Patient Retention: Leveraging NPS and Email Automation within Your PRM Solution

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Multi location

Managing Multi-Location Clinics: How to Do It Efficiently

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Medical Tourism

Tapping into medical tourism: a guide for clinics to attract patients from abroad

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Patient Management Software

Why your organisation can't do without patient relationship management (PRM)

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Marketing for Clinics

Here's everything you need to know about efficient healthcare marketing

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