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Boost your clinic's reputation with effective review management

Reviews play a crucial role in building your brand and the clinic's reputation. Display your patients' praise effectively, while addressing any concerns raised by unhappy patients. We'll help you manage internal scoring and external reviews to foster trust in your clinic.

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Qunosuite features for effective review management

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of patients say that ratings help determine the trustworthiness of doctors

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of patients consult friends when looking for doctors

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of patients consider evaluations to be a decisive factor in their choice

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Collect Reviews from Third-Party Sites

Benefit from exposure on public review platforms like Google and Trustpilot, and leverage positive patient experiences to attract more clients.

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Address Complaints with Feedback Loops

Develop a framework to handle negative feedback effectively, react to complaints, and improve your processes.

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Useful information to improve your Patient Journey

We have been working on the ideal Patient Journey for healthcare providers for years. In our white papers, guides and blog posts you will find valuable advice and inspiration on how to optimise your own processes.

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