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by Jonas Butt5 Min.

The Hospital Future Act: the Key Role of a Patient Portal for Your Healthcare Organisation

Germany's Hospital Future Act (the Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz, or KHZG) is a step that has been taken to keep the country's medical facilities up to date. But how can healthcare providers ensure that they implement the requirements of the law effectively? Our patient portal offers a solution, and this article looks at its specific benefits and functions.

Qunosuite's Hospital Future Act Patient Portal
Qunosuite's Hospital Future Act Patient Portal

Why a Patient Portal Is Essential

The need for an online patient portal is central to the KHZG's focus on modern practices. It gives patients quick access to information and notifications, regardless of their location. The various steps of the patient journey are therefore all sped up, whilst administrative burdens are also minimised.

Our Patient Portal for Your Healthcare Facility

Our patient portal integrates seamlessly into existing systems and minimises disruption. The user-friendly dashboard allows patients to access messages, documents, photos, appointments and more - all in a single glance. The streamlined design features facilitate integration and maximise output to achieve the KHZG's digitalisation goals.

The Qunosuite patient portal is therefore more than just a digital tool. Efficiency, user-centred design and expertise make it the ideal solution for healthcare facilities looking to make digital progress.

An Overview of the Benefits of Our Patient Portal:

  • Financial viability without compromise, mitigating financial risks for healthcare institutions and well in line with the funding capacity of the KHZG.

  • Specialisation in optimising digital processes and acquiring patients.

  • Prioritising a patient-centric approach, enhancing each point of interaction and overall satisfaction.

  • Significantly reducing medical staff workload by automating administrative tasks, aligning with KHZG efficiency mandates.

  • Years of international consulting experience in the eHealth industry.

  • Extensive experience in optimising intricate patient journeys, ensuring higher likelihood of completion.

  • Emphasis on intuitive design for effortless patient navigation and understanding.

  • Commitment to measurable success through detailed data analysis.

  • Operating in an agile manner with combined expertise in patient marketing, technology, and medicine on an international scale

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Qunosuite - Your Patient Portal and More

The introduction of the Hospital Future Act is just one of the latest ways that the patient experience has moved to the centre of modern medicine. Want to find out more about how our patient portal can support your healthcare organisation? Get in touch with us for further support.

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