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New possibilities for your aesthetic practice

Clinicore is the first practice software developed specifically for your needs as a practicing doctor in aesthetic medicine. Through our partnership with Qunosuite, you can now take your practice to the next level: Look forward to extensive marketing and patient management features!

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A Missed Opportunity for your Aesthetic Practice

More than 70% of your patients start their journey online and consult with multiple providers before deciding whether to choose your practice. Therefore, your acquisition efforts should begin well before their first visit to your facility.

Your patient acquisition would be much more precise and therefore more profitable if you could apply this knowledge in your everyday practice. Thanks to the new partnership between Clinicore and Qunosuite, you can now do exactly that:

  • Implement comprehensive patient marketing measures

  • Establish professional patient management across the entire patient journey

  • Automate your recurring practice processes

  • Enable seamless interaction between your marketing and your practice

Magnus Seeber

'By working together, we allow our clients to concentrate fully on patient care, while Clinicore and Qunosuite ensure successful practice management and effective patient marketing.'

Magnus Seeber, Global Manager Digital Business Services & E-Commerce CROMA-PHARMA

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'Getting to the patients with the right communication and starting service before the patient visits your facility is the key to successful patient relationships. The partnership between Clinicore and Qunosuite is aimed at that.'

Dr. Sophie Chung, Founder and CEO Qunomedical

The most important answers about the cooperation between Clinicore and Qunosuite

What is Qunosuite?

How does the integration between Clinicore and Qunosuite work?

How does the evaluation of marketing measures via Qunosuite work?

How are online appointment bookings entered into the free time slots of the Clinicore calendar via Qunosuite?

How is patient master data transferred from Qunosuite to patient records?

Discover the Power of Clinicore & Qunosuite

The seamless integration of Qunosuite into your Clinicore supports practice success.

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