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by Uta Leyke-Heß3 Min.

Big Potential, Big Challenges: New Weight's Success Story with Qunosuite

Practice size: 5 providers

Speciality: Plastic - Weight loss

Location: München, Rastatt, Gladbeck, Hamburg, Berlin, Bad Soden, Nürnberg, Frankfurt am Main, Ludwigsburg.

Challenges: Limited resources to grow and was looking to find a partner to help the clinic focus on providing excellent care to patients.

Solution: Qunosuite Software + Performance Marketing Services + Patient Management Services.

Results: Working across 10 locations with an increase in patient satisfaction of 28%, reduced cost per booking by 49%.

Dr-Sebastian-Tescher New Weight
Dr-Sebastian-Tescher New Weight


reduction in cost per booking



increase of patient satisfaction

Building a Thriving Practice from Scratch - The Journey Begins

In the heart of Germany, Dr. med Sebastian Teschers, a visionary medical doctor and clinic owner approached Qunosuite with a bold ambition: to establish a new weight loss practice from scratch and expand it to multiple locations across the country. Focusing exclusively on three minimally invasive treatments - The endo-sleeve (eg. POSE, overstitch, endomina), intragastric balloons (4 types) and weight loss with GLP1.  - Offered together with a programme where patients are supported by experts from different fields: dieticians, psychologists and sports,  this partnership aimed to revolutionise weight loss services while delivering exceptional patient care.

Qunosuite - The Catalyst for Seamless Patient Management

As New Weight embarked on its journey, Qunosuite proved to be the catalyst it needed for seamless patient management. Every patient request is handled at high speed and with professionalism. 88% of new requests are handled within the hour, the speed at which you handle questions or call back - is one of the most important contributors to the likeness to book a treatment.

Quote for Dr. med. Sebastian Teschers

“Qunomedical was able to get our patient management operations running smoothly and deliver an exceptional patient experience in less than a month. Both exceeded our expectations!”

Exceptional Care, Unparalleled Efficiency

With Qunosuite at their side, New Weight's team could dedicate their time to providing exceptional care. At the same time, the platform's efficient patient management support, handled by two full-time equivalent staff, ensured that all patient communications were prompt and effective. As the practice flourished, patient satisfaction soared, witnessing a remarkable 28% increase, showcasing the power of a patient-first approach.

Optimised Growth and Cost Management

The partnership with Qunosuite not only led to phenomenal growth but also optimised cost management for New Weight. The clinic achieved a significant 49% reduction in the cost per booking, allowing them to channel resources effectively and invest in their commitment to patient well-being.

A Testimonial of Success

Delighted with the results, Dr. med. Sebastian Teschers, owner and chief physician doctor of New Weight shared, "Partnering with Qunosuite was the best decision we made. Their support helped us build our practice from the ground up, and with their efficient patient management tools, we have been able to focus on providing excellent care to our patients."

A Bright Future Ahead

The journey of New Weight with Qunosuite showcases the power of collaboration and technology in the healthcare industry. As they continue to expand their practice to multiple locations across Germany, New Weight remains committed to their vision of transforming lives through their specialised weight loss treatments, supported by Qunosuite's seamless patient management and performance marketing capabilities. The partnership between New Weight and Qunosuite is a testament to the potential of strategic alliances in driving success and growth in the medical field.

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