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Elevate Patient Communication with Seamless Omnichannel Interaction

In healthcare, quality patient care needs the support of excellent communication. That’s why we're introducing our user-friendly Omnichannel Communication feature, which is designed to empower healthcare providers with a single, streamlined platform for instant messaging through WhatsApp and Facebook.

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A Single Overview of Patient Interactions

Using popular instant messaging services provides a big advantage for communicating with patients easily and quickly. Our Omnichannel Communication feature centralises your WhatsApp and Facebook conversations on one platform, simplifying the way you reach multiple patients at a time. This also reduces your administrative load and benefits the patient experience by ensuring they’re always informed.

Effortless Inbound Messaging

Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms for all your incoming messages. Our system fully supports inbound messages from WhatsApp numbers and Facebook Messenger profiles, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most: patient care.

Messages Directed towards Patient Managers

We understand that every patient interaction is unique. That's why our system employs a queue-based patient manager routing system. This means that messages are intelligently directed towards designated patient managers who are trained to handle specific inquiries or concerns.

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Comprehensive Conversation Logging

Patient records are crucial in healthcare as they provide important data. Our Omnichannel Communication feature logs and archives all conversations within the system. This invaluable resource ensures that you have a reference and tracking tool for patient interactions as each individual progresses at their own pace.

Automated Outbound Messages

Our system enables you to send automated message templates, including follow-ups after initial patient contact attempts to let them know you’re committed to helping them. This feature maintains all your connections without needing any extra time to nurture each one.

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Given just how many-sided communication in healthcare is, an effective framework can only benefit the way you build relationships with your patients. Our Omnichannel Communication gives you the tools to simplify and centralise your communication efforts, putting you on track to provide first-class care, without the set-back of managing multiple channels.

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