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by Vivecca Frank3 Min.

How a German Healthcare Provider Achieved a 70% Increase in Patient Follow-ups Using Qunosuite

How do our clients actually use Qunosuite? In this article we answer this question using a Berlin-based healthcare provider as an example. Our patient management service was able to increase the company's patient follow-ups by 70%, allowing them to record higher conversion rates and increased sales.

Optimum Support through Patient Relationship Management
Optimum Support through Patient Relationship Management
The benefits of patient relationship management

Our Client's Initial Situation

As we began working together, the main issue faced by this healthcare provider was that every second patient was dropping out of their onboarding process because it was too lengthy and manual.

With the help of Qunosuite, the patient journey was to be better organised and the cancellation rate of potential new patients significantly reduced.

Our Client's Success with Qunosuite

Using our own patient managers, the team first familiarised themselves with the client's treatment methods and procedures. This meant they could effectively work as knowledgable representatives of this specific medical brand.

Part of the initial phase was also to reduce the stagnation in the early stages of the process. Having a critical view of the patient journey was the basis for rolling out an efficient communication campaign by our patient managers.

This significantly increased the conversion rate in two critical steps of the patient journey:

  • 40% increase in the number of forms submitted by patients

  • 70% increase in patient follow-ups

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Patient Relationship Management with Qunosuite

Many healthcare providers have high-quality facilities and first-class care. So what's the problem? They forget to centre it around the patient experience. This directly leads to dwindling patient loyalty, overburdened administrative processes and a decline in revenue.

To put the patient journey at the centre of all processes, healthcare providers should implement comprehensive patient relationship management (PRM).

With Qunosuite's software solution, you benefit from a PRM platform that is easy to implement and demonstrably supports your organisation. Curious to find out more? Get in touch with us for further support.

Engage More Patients with PRM